Hants & Berks Gazette: 30 Aug 1968

Sherfield Scouts & Cubs Fete 'Best so Far'

1968 08 30

Mr A Kew (left) & Mr E D Bowman who between them won most of the major awards at the Sherfield Scouts Fete

A Flower show, a baby competition, a wide variety of sideshows and above all, bright sunshine, attracted a crowd of over 300 to the third annual fete and flower show of Sherfield Scouts and Cubs. "This is the best fete we have ever had. People have never given and helped so much before", enthused Mr G S Bowman, the secretary of the Sherfield Scouts Group Council, which organised the event. His comments were echoed by the flower show secretary, Mr P Sims, who said: "We've had 291 entries for the show. That's a record. And the judges said the standard of exhibits was first class and much better than last year". The Sherfield Scout Troop was only formed last year. Before that the troop was the First Basingstoke but last year it was joined with Silchester Scouts. There are now 18 scouts under scout leader, Mr Peter Nash, and 19 cubs under akela, Mr I Compton. The Group Council still has most of the original members from three years ago. It is a very energetic group which has so far raised £300 towards scout and cub funds. All profit from Saturday's event was for general funds. Even before Saturday £11.15s was received in donations.

Trophy Winners

As usual two men dominated the list of trophy winners in the vegetable and flower show. Mr E D Bowman won the Sherfield Trophy, Gresham Cook Trophy, Traders Trophy, Mr and Mrs Jackson special prize and the Loddon Cup. Mr A Kew won the Forecourt Cup, Farmers Cup and Quencher Cup. The Challenge Bowl in the domestic section was won by Mrs M Durrant and special awards were won by Mrs P Onions, Mr N H Bates, Mrs M Durrant, Mrs R Egglington and Mr P Sims. Prizes were presented by Mrs F H Jackson. Final profit was in the region of £100. Winners of the baby show were Kate Wilkinson (under 9 months) and Melissa Gill (9~18 months).

Published: Hants & Berks Gazette 30-Aug-1968