Basingstoke Gazette: 2 sep 1996

Friendly rivalry the key to Show Success

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Roy Fox inspects one of the Floral Art Exhibits Sarah-Jane Burns 11, with 'Willy the Whale'. A big smile from Peter Elphick, 4, who was voted overall winner in the Children's Section. Kathryn Paramour admires some of the fine woodwork on display

We've all heard tales of keen rivalry to the point of sabotage at annual village shows. Gardeners have been known to chop down their competitors' blooms and dig up their prize turnips just to make sure there can be only one winner. Not so at Sherfield-on-Loddon though where the village show is a good-natured affair. That was demonstrated' on Saturday when the 34th annual event took place in the Village Hall. It was an opportunity for the talented to show off their skills be it gardening or painting. From giant onions to embroidery, jam-making to carpentry, there seemed to be a contest for everything. Children were the major contributors demonstrating their artistry making mini-gardens, cakes and fruit and veg animals.
Show Secretary Sally Brain said she was very pleased with the standard and number of this year's entries. "It's been a bit difficult recent years trying to get people to take part but I think we're getting there now," she said. "The children's section has been very good this year, they love taking part." Mrs Brain said she was also pleased with the amount of villagers who came to look round the hall. "Hopefully people will see what's on display and think to themselves "I can have a go at that and enter next year's Show." All proceeds from this year's event will be donated to the Loddon Sunday School.

Published: Basingstoke Gazette 2-Sep-96