Photography tips

Photographing your entry –Some handy tips.

Once you have your entry ready to submit you’ll want to be able to photograph it in a way that best displays it so the judges can see your hard work and it gives the best representation of the work.

Step 1. Find a nice location

Find a nice location to photograph your entry. Think about what’s in the background. For plants this might be harder to do but for crafts try finding a nice neutral background that doesn’t distract from the subject. Often a nice clean piece of white paper will work as a good backdrop or a clear table.

Step 2. Lighting

Think about the lighting. Having good light is always the key to good photography. Artificial lighting can make the colours loose their depth but can also add a sense of vibrancy. If possible try photographing near a window or outside using the natural light around you.

Step 3. Staging your entry

It can be hard to make your entry stand up out or appear as you would like. Taking a shot looking down on it might be the only option. Alternatively using something like blue tack to hold it upright could help. We’re not looking for prize winning photos of still life unless your entering the photography section.

Step 4. Make sure your entry is clean

Make sure your entry is clean of fingerprints and any other dust and debris. It’s worth taking the time to just give it a little clean if possible.

Step 5. What equipment do you need?

Taking your photograph doesn’t require a fancy camera. You can get a good shot on a mobile phone. If you have good lighting this can be more effective than a posh camera. Just try and photograph in the highest quality available to you. If you have a macro option this can help with close framing.

Step 6. Using Filters.

Please refrain from using filters unless your entering the photography section. As much as it might add a feel to the subject it can detract from your entry.

Step 7. Editing the picture.

Apart from potentially a bit of image cropping please avoid retouching your photos. Chances are you'll make things worse. However retouched photos are welcome in the Photography section

Step 8. Uploading your photo

Once you have a photograph that you’re happy with put it somewhere you can find it easily e.g. your desktop on a PC however we do recognise your favourite app for mobile uploads. Upload it using the entry form. You should see a confirmation email. We'll take it from there.